What is a Draught Chair?

A draught chair is a specialized type of office chair designed to provide ergonomic support and comfort at drafting tables or high desks.


A draught chair, also known as a drafting chair, is specifically designed for use with drafting tables or counters that are higher than standard desks. These chairs are an essential component in environments where professionals, such as architects and designers, spend prolonged hours working at elevated surfaces. The design of a draught chair typically includes adjustable features, such as seat height and backrest angle, to ensure that individuals can maintain a comfortable and ergonomically correct posture throughout their workday. Additionally, many draught chairs come equipped with a foot ring, which provides a place for users to rest their feet, reducing leg fatigue and promoting better circulation. The versatility and adjustability of draught chairs make them suitable for various applications beyond the drafting table, such as use in laboratories, workshops, and studios, where working at different heights is common.


In an architectural firm, draught chairs are commonly found around high drafting tables where architects and designers sketch and review large-scale plans. These chairs are also prevalent in art studios, where artists might work on projects that require standing or sitting at an elevated surface. Beyond the professional setting, draught chairs are increasingly being used in home offices, particularly for individuals who alternate between sitting and standing or use sit-stand desks.


  • How does a draught chair differ from a regular office chair?

    A draught chair differs from a regular office chair primarily in height adjustability, featuring a taller gas lift to accommodate high desks or tables. It also often includes a foot ring for comfort and support at elevated positions.

  • Can a draught chair improve posture?

    Yes, with its adjustable features designed for ergonomic support, a draught chair can help maintain correct posture, reducing the risk of back pain and other discomforts associated with prolonged sitting.

  • Is a draught chair suitable for a home office?

    Absolutely! A draught chair is a versatile seating option that can enhance comfort and ergonomics in a home office, especially for those using sit-stand desks or working at elevated surfaces.

Practical Application

When selecting a draught chair for your workspace, consider features like seat height range, adjustable backrest, and the presence of a foot ring to ensure you can maintain an ergonomic and comfortable posture throughout the day. Additionally, considering the chair's mobility, such as swivel capability and casters suitable for your floor type, can further enhance your working experience.