Our AI interior designer reviewed your room…

Our first impression

The space exudes a playful and whimsical aura, combining pastel tones with bold furniture choices to create a cartoon-like vibe.


Current Palette

Pink walls, an orange sofa, teal and purple elements, and green and purple kitchen cabinets.

Harmony Assessment

The colors are vibrant and cheerful but lack unity and can feel visually taut for a relaxing environment.

Our advice
Introduce softer versions of the existing colors and perhaps an accent color that bridges the different elements, such as a light teal or lavender.



The sofa appears comfortable and practical for seating.


The furniture's positioning allows for easy movement, but the room could benefit from additional pieces to fill the space.

Our advice
Add a coffee table or an ottoman to complete the seating area and offer more functionality.


Natural Light

Not much can be assessed about natural light from the image.

Artificial Light

There's a single floor lamp which contributes to a specific ambiance but might not provide sufficient illumination for the entire space.

Our advice
Incorporate layered lighting with additional sources like table lamps or wall sconces to create an even light distribution.

Textiles & Decor

Current Textiles

Simple solid upholstery on the sofa and a fringed lampshade on the floor lamp.

Decor Style

The decor follows a vintage, almost cartoony theme with bold simple lines that make the space feel animated.

Our advice
Consider introducing patterned or textured throw pillows to add depth to the sofa and a cozy rug to anchor the seating area.

Walls & Floors


Walls and floors appear to be in excellent condition, maintaining a clean, flat appearance.

Color and Material

The walls are a light pink, while the flooring is a more subdued teal-green, which provides a cool contrast to the warmth of the walls.

Our advice
Experiment with wall art or textured wallpaper to add interest and warmth to the large expanses of flat color.


Present Pieces

A single, framed artwork of a boat above the sofa and minimal accessories on the side table.


While the artwork complements the whimsical feel, the space could benefit from more personal and varied decor elements.

Our advice
Mix in additional artwork or wall decor with different sizes to create a gallery wall effect and add visual interest.

Flow & Layout

Ease of Movement

The space is relatively open, allowing easy movement.

Space Utilization

The space seems underutilized, especially around the sofa area.

Our advice
Consider adding side tables or shelving to make better use of the available space and assist with organization and display.


Standout Elements

The bold color choices and singular floor lamp give the space character.

Underutilized Spaces

The wall spaces around the sofa and the corners of the room could be better utilized.

Our advice
Incorporate floating shelves, plants, or a reading nook to enhance the character and functionality of the space.


Top Priorities

Adjust the color palette for harmony, introduce additional lighting sources, and add functional furniture like a coffee table and side tables.

Budget Considerations

Work within the existing space's framework, introducing changes incrementally to manage costs.

Our advice
To refine this aesthetic, consider shifting to a more balanced approach with softer furniture hues and consistent use of pastel colors throughout accessories.

Final thoughts

The space has a unique character that, with careful curation of colors, textures, and additional elements, could become a cohesive and inviting living environment.