Our AI interior designer reviewed your room…

Our first impression

The space exudes a formal and dignified ambiance, suggesting a room of importance, most likely used for official or ceremonial purposes.


Current Palette

Deep blue, gold, various wood tones, and neutral wall colors

Harmony Assessment

There is a classic and prestigious air to the color scheme which complements the formality of the space.

Our advice
The colors are appropriate for the intended ambiance; no changes are necessary.



The furniture seems to serve its intended purpose, with seating, a functional desk, and display areas.


The symmetrical layout contributes to the formal feel and emphasizes the room's function as a place for focused work or decision-making.

Our advice
Providing ergonomic adjustments to seating for comfort could be beneficial.


Natural Light

There is ample natural light coming through the large windows, enhancing the room's dignified atmosphere.

Artificial Light

Not visible in the image but assumed to be sufficient for evening use.

Our advice
Consider adding layered lighting options such as task lighting at the desk and soft ambient lighting for evening hours.

Textiles & Decor

Current Textiles

The textiles such as the curtains and area rug appear to be made of high-quality materials with classic patterns that suit the formal nature of the space.

Decor Style

The decor maintains a traditional style with a notable emphasis on historical significance.

Our advice
No changes needed unless updating becomes necessary due to wear or a shift in use.

Walls & Floors


The walls and floors are in excellent condition.

Color and Material

Neutral-toned wallpaper and deep blue carpeted flooring that match the formal style.

Our advice
No changes recommended unless refurbishment is required due to age or wear.


Present Pieces

Framed pictures on a console table, painted portraits, bust sculptures, and decorated shelving.


The accessories and artwork support the room's historical and formal aesthetic quite well.

Our advice
These elements are suitable for the space; keep them well-maintained and update the photographs or displays as contextually appropriate.

Flow & Layout

Ease of Movement

The room allows for comfortable movement, with a clear pathway around the desk area.

Space Utilization

The space is used effectively for its purpose.

Our advice
No changes recommended.


Standout Elements

The large windows, historical elements, and classic woodwork give the room character and a sense of gravity.

Underutilized Spaces

All areas appear to be effectively utilized given the room's formal nature.

Our advice
Maintaining the condition of unique features ensures the space remains a distinguished setting.


Top Priorities

No immediate action necessary; maintain condition and consider ergonomic additions for comfort.

Budget Considerations

Given the nature of the space, budget appears to be less of a constraint for essential maintenance or updates.

Our advice
Incorporating discreet technology-friendly amenities could enhance its use without detracting from the overall aesthetic.

Final thoughts

This space is a well-preserved example of a formal, historically valued interior that serves its function with dignity and order. Maintaining its condition and subtly integrating modern conveniences will preserve its relevance and functionality.