Our AI interior designer reviewed your room…

Our first impression

The image depicts a serene and unconventional workspace that integrates nature with the concept of an office setting, creating a harmonious and tranquil ambiance.


Current Palette

Predominantly natural greens, earthy browns and greys

Harmony Assessment

The color palette is naturally harmonious.

Our advice
Use office accessories in earth-toned colors to maintain the symbiosis with nature.



The desk and chair fulfill the basic requirements of a workspace.


The arrangement takes full advantage of the natural light and view.

Our advice
Include ergonomic outdoor furniture designed for durability against weather elements.


Natural Light

The surrounding forest canopy diffuses natural light.

Artificial Light

There does not appear to be any artificial lighting.

Our advice
Introduce portable, solar-powered lighting for cloudy days or later hours.

Textiles & Decor

Current Textiles

No textiles are visible in the image.

Decor Style

The 'decor' is the untouched natural environment.

Our advice
Introduce weather-resistant textiles with natural textures or patterns.

Walls & Floors


The 'floor' is the natural forest ground.

Color and Material

The range includes natural earthy tones from soil and foliage.

Our advice
A temporary and removable platform could protect office equipment from moisture and debris.


Present Pieces

Traditional office supplies on the desk.


The juxtaposition of office items in a natural setting offers an intriguing contrast.

Our advice
Use weather-resistant and eco-friendly office accessories.

Flow & Layout

Ease of Movement

Movement around the desk appears unrestricted.

Space Utilization

As a conceptual or temporary workspace.

Our advice
Clearly define a path to the workspace and provide storage solutions.


Standout Elements

An office immersed in a natural forest setting.

Underutilized Spaces

The surrounding environment for work-break areas or contemplative spaces.

Our advice
Create secluded spots with seating that complements the landscape.


Top Priorities

Improve the practicality of the workspace considering comfort and preservation of equipment.

Budget Considerations

Any changes should be minimal and reversible to maintain the integrity of the natural space. Eco-friendly solutions may incur additional cost.

Our advice
Quick-fix ideas such as weatherproofing office materials, ensuring ergonomic seating, and insect repellent solutions

Final thoughts

This workspace speaks volumes about the importance of nature in our lives, though practical enhancements are necessary for sustained use.