Our AI interior designer reviewed your room…

Our first impression

The space has a strong theatrical and dramatic vibe, reminiscent of a classic cinema or stage setting with its bold red curtain, geometric flooring, and elegant furniture design.


Current Palette

Rich red, chocolate brown, cream, black, and gold.

Harmony Assessment

The palette is decidedly bold and commands attention, making the space feel opulent but possibly overpowering for some tastes.

Our advice
I would suggest incorporating a few more neutral-toned elements or accessories to balance out the intensity of the red and brown tones.



The furniture appears to be more for aesthetic impact than comfort; however, the seating looks formal and purposeful.


The symmetry in the furniture arrangement is pleasing to the eye and enhances the room's grandeur.

Our advice
Introducing a few pieces with softer lines might make the space feel more inviting.


Natural Light

There doesn't seem to be any natural light source visible in this image.

Artificial Light

The floor lamps provide a soft diffused light that does not appear to be sufficient for the whole space.

Our advice
Adding wall sconces or a statement chandelier could enhance both the design and the lighting function.

Textiles & Decor

Current Textiles

The rich velvet of the curtain and the patterned upholstery of the seating bring in texture and dynamism.

Decor Style

The style is a reminiscent throwback to art deco influences with modern touches, creating a unique and strong stylistic statement.

Our advice
Considering softer throw pillows could introduce a touch of comfort.

Walls & Floors


Everything appears pristine and well-maintained.

Color and Material

The chocolate brown and cream geometric flooring is striking and complements the boldness of the red velvet curtain.

Our advice
I would not recommend any changes here as the floors and walls are key to the space's character.


Present Pieces

The statue adds a classic element, while the floor lamps and striped chairs bring a modern twist.


They add an eclectic mix that reinforces the drama and style of the space.

Our advice
Perhaps add small table accents or a sculpture on a pedestal to complete the vignette.

Flow & Layout

Ease of Movement

The layout seems spacious enough to allow for comfortable movement.

Space Utilization

The room's purpose is not clear; if it is meant to be a conversation area, it serves its purpose, but it also feels like it could be a performance space.

Our advice
If it's a conversation area, perhaps a small coffee table could be added to make it feel more complete.


Standout Elements

The bold color palette and striking geometric floor design.

Underutilized Spaces

The walls, as they are currently bare except for the curtain.

Our advice
Using art galleries or more statues could make the walls an intriguing gallery space.


Top Priorities

Introduce softer lighting fixtures, add a few neutral accessories to balance color intensity, and consider adding a coffee table.

Budget Considerations

Any changes should respect the existing grandeur and style, so budget should be adjusted to prioritizing high-quality pieces that match.

Our advice
Perhaps introduce some warmer lighting to soften the stark contrast between the bold color choices and add a homier touch.

Final thoughts

This is a bold and impressive space with a clear sense of style; with a few tweaks, it could also become warmer and more inviting, maintaining its elegance while enhancing comfort.