Our AI interior designer reviewed your room…

Our first impression

The space has a cozy and lived-in feel, with a mix of eclectic and traditional elements that suggest a personal touch. The room is inviting and appears to be a setting conducive to relaxation and casual socializing.


Current Palette

Lavender walls, a mix of cream, beige, and floral upholstered furniture, and wood tones varying from light to dark

Harmony Assessment

The pastel walls and the mix of neutral-toned upholstery are harmonious, though the space could benefit from a bit more color coordination to unify the various hues.

Our advice
Consider introducing a more consistent color or pattern theme across textiles to create a more cohesive look.



The furniture appears comfortable and suited for a casual living space. Each seating option seems well-used and functional.


The furniture is arranged in a conversational layout facilitating social interaction, with a central coffee table that serves as a focal point.

Our advice
Possibly replace or reupholster certain pieces to refresh the space and consider a more modern media console to update the look.


Natural Light

The room has ample natural light coming through the windows, which is a strong asset.

Artificial Light

The room has a mix of lighting sources with a standing lamp and tabletop lamps, although there could be a better integration of lighting fixtures.

Our advice
Introduce additional layered lighting, such as ceiling fixtures or wall sconces, to enhance ambiance and functionality.

Textiles & Decor

Current Textiles

A mix of materials is present, from what appears to be velvet to lighter cotton fabrics. Patterns vary from floral to solid, with some textiles showing signs of age.

Decor Style

The decor has a homey and eclectic charm, with a mix of patterns and mementos that make the space feel personal.

Our advice
Updating throw pillows, curtains, and re-upholstering furniture with a consistent pattern or texture could refine the overall aesthetic.

Walls & Floors


The walls are in good condition, and the parquet flooring adds warmth to the room.

Color and Material

Lavender paint softens the space, while the wood floor provides a traditional and solid foundation.

Our advice
Consider a lighter wall color to modernize the space and a high-quality area rug to anchor the sitting area.


Present Pieces

Various wall hangings, posters, plants, and smaller decorative items


The accessories reflect a comfortable and lived-in atmosphere though they could be organized to appear less cluttered.

Our advice
Curate the existing accessories and artwork to highlight key pieces and reduce visual noise.

Flow & Layout

Ease of Movement

The room's layout allows for easy movement between furniture and in and out of the space.

Space Utilization

The space is well-utilized, with clear zones for different activities.

Our advice
Consider rearranging to optimize the traffic flow, especially around the central coffee table.


Standout Elements

The parquet flooring and natural light are elements that have great potential.

Underutilized Spaces

The corners of the room, like the area near the media console, could be better utilized.

Our advice
Add corner shelves or plants to fill empty spaces, and consider mounting the television to free up floor space.


Top Priorities

Update the color scheme for a more modern look, streamline the decor, and introduce better lighting fixtures.

Budget Considerations

Focus on cost-effective updates like paint, area rugs, and new textiles before investing in new furniture.

Our advice
Adding a pop of color with accent pillows or a throw on the sofa could enhance the inviting nature of the space. Streamlining the decor might also help prevent the space from feeling cluttered.

Final thoughts

This space has a great foundation with its natural light and layout. With thoughtful updates and a slightly more cohesive design theme, it can become even more inviting and visually appealing.