Our AI interior designer reviewed your room…

Our first impression

The space exudes a sense of gravity and formality, likely designed with the intention of hosting serious deliberations or meetings.


Current Palette

Mostly black, shades of grey, and white

Harmony Assessment

The colors complement each other well, reinforcing the serious tone of the space.

Our advice
For a typical interior design situation, adding a pop of color could reduce the starkness.



The central table serves as the focal point for discussion, which seems appropriate for its function.


The concentric seating arrangement maximizes face-to-face interaction.

Our advice
In a regular meeting space, ergonomic seating options might be a thoughtful addition for comfort.


Natural Light

There is no visible natural light, emphasizing the enclosed, secluded nature of the room.

Artificial Light

Overhead, built-in lighting appears professional and consistent with the intended use of the space.

Our advice
For a more standard space, adding layered lighting could provide a more nuanced ambiance.

Textiles & Decor

Current Textiles

There are no visible textiles within the space, which aligns with the utilitarian setting.

Decor Style

The minimalist decor is consistent with the space's function and mood.

Our advice
In a typical interior, incorporating textiles could soften the space and add warmth.

Walls & Floors


The walls and floor are depicted in a high-contrast, monochromatic style suited for the scene.

Color and Material

Dark materials, possibly indicative of metal or stone, suggest durability and gravitas.

Our advice
For regular interior settings, lighter colors or wood textures could make the room less imposing.


Present Pieces

There is a significant world map on the wall, emphasizing the global scale of the discussions likely taking place at the table.


This piece is extremely suitable for setting the scene and context.

Our advice
In a conventional interior, additional artwork or accessories could be introduced to reflect the company's culture or mission.

Flow & Layout

Ease of Movement

The circular layout provides clear paths for movement.

Space Utilization

The room is designed for a single purpose, and it fulfills that effectively.

Our advice
For multipurpose use, modular furniture could be considered.


Standout Elements

The striking world map and unusual circular table make the space memorable.

Underutilized Spaces

In this scenario, none; the purposeful design leaves little room for additional uses.

Our advice
For similar real-world spaces, technology integration could enhance functionality.


Top Priorities

Consider introducing ergonomic chairs, layered lighting, and maybe some color or texture to soften the ambiance.

Budget Considerations

Changes should align with the budget and not compromise the space's original purpose.

Our advice
In a typical interior design situation, adding a pop of color could reduce the starkness.

Final thoughts

This is a distinctive space that strikingly serves its narrative function in a film. Repurposing similar spaces in reality would require a thoughtful balance between maintaining character and introducing comfort.